Top 100 Children’s Bible Memory Verses: God’s Thoughts – The Story Behind Isaiah 55:8

Isaiah 55:8 is a favorite children’s Bible memory verse, but how many know the story behind this verse?

“’For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways’, declares the Lord.”

The prophet’s name “Isaiah” means “Yahweh (God) Saves”.  Isaiah was an Old Testament prophet and he warned the Kings of the southern nation of Judah (God’s People) that they needed to turn the nation back to God.  They needed to stop making deals with foreign nations to protect them and to turn instead to God who would ultimately protect and strengthen them.

In chapters 40-66 of his book, Isaiah encouraged God’s people that God had a glorious future for them if they will only return to Him.

In chapter 55, Isaiah provided an invitation for God’s people to turn back to Him and to live in God’s abundant blessings.   But God’s people did not believe this invitation nor did they have faith that God could change their situation and therefore they ignored Isaiah and God.

So Isaiah reminded the people in v. 8 that they were looking at their situation from their own perspective, not God’s.  God does not think like humans.  He is merciful and patient.  God does not act like humans, His ways are always good and He can change any situation.

When your kids have done something wrong or are in a tight spot, this verse reminds them that God is always on their team and will always love and accept them and can make things turn out for the best.

Now you know the story behind Isaiah 55:8.

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The Big Idea Of Isaiah Is The Story Of Salvation From Sin.

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