Top 100 Children’s Bible Memory Verses: Jesus Is Life – The Story Behind John 11:25



John 11:25 is a favorite children’s bible memory verse, but how many know the story behind this verse?

Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies.”  

John was one of Jesus’ disciples.  He wrote this book to prove that Jesus was in fact God come here to earth to save people from their sins.

One way that John proved Jesus was God was to share the miracles that Jesus did.  In this account we find Jesus being confronted by the sisters of Lazarus, Mary and Martha.  When Jesus had heard that Lazarus was sick, He did not rushed to come and heal Him.  Martha said to Jesus had you been there, her brother would not have died.

To this Jesus spoke the words of John 11:25.  He reminded her that life was more than what we experience physically here on earth.  Life is what Jesus gives us when we believe, and even physical death cannot take that away.

Then Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave, though he had been dead for 4 days.  Jesus as the Son of God had power over eternal spiritual life and physical life.

Now you know the story behind John 11:25. For more on John visit…The Big Idea Of John Is The Story Of Believing in Jesus The Son Of God And Savior.

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