Top 100 Children’s Bible Memory Verses: The Joy Of Getting Along – The Story Behind Psalms 133:1



Psalms 133:1 is a favorite children’s Bible memory verse, but how many know the story behind this verse?

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!”

David wrote most of the Psalms as songs of praise, worship, sharing his pain, or for confession and asking for mercy or forgiveness.

Psalm 133 is a Psalm of ascent.  That means it would be sung by Jewish pilgrims as they were going up to Jerusalem together.  As they were traveling in a group, it would be easy for disagreements to arise and feelings to get hurt.  Just like it is living in a family.

Psalms 133:1 was written by David to be sung by God’s people as a reminder of how good it is to be together and to have the same heart and mind toward God and grace towards one another.

We can all learn from this encouragement.  We were all created differently with different strengths and weaknesses.  Each of our children our different.  God encourages us to remember that He created us all and His desire is for us to get along and enjoy our differences and build each other up.

Now you know the story behind Psalms 133:1.

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  2. There IS so much joy in living God’s way. Grandma’s daughter wrote a song about it based on Psalm 1:1-2. It’s fun to sing and do the motions. You’ll find it at:

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