Veggie Tales

VeggieTales movies are a great way to teach your children values as well as Bible stories through silly, fun, and clean movies.  As a child I used to watch them and I loved them and still remember many of the songs in the movies.  One example of a Bible story being remade is the movie King George and the Ducky.  This film retells the story of David and Bathsheba except instead of talking about David taking Bathsheba to be his own, the movie talks about King George and how he wanted a poor man’s rubber ducky even though he had many of his own.  An example of teaching a lesson, is Are You My Neighbor? This film uses two different stories to teach the lesson of loving your neighbor in a different and unique way.

These films are fun and entertaining, but also teach children values that the Bible instructs us to follow.  They would make a great gift for your kid’s friend’s birthdays, not to mention for your own kiddies!

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