Visit The Holy Land On Line With Your Kids

Ever want to go to the Holy Land with your kids. To see the places that Jesus walked and to help your kids learn the historical content to the stories they read  in the Bible. Until the funds come in why not pick a city with your kids to focus on and do an on line tour.

We found a great website that will give your family a virtual tour of the historical city of Nazareth called the Nazareth Village. Nazareth Village brings to life a farm and Galilean village from archaeology of 2,000 years ago.  It is a hands on experience where you meet people and experience the culture at that time.

Check out their virtual tour. Men working with wood. Women preparing a meal. We love how kids can see the stone shelters that people lived in and how simple daily life was.

You can pause the video to have conversations with your family. There is also a photo gallery of images.

What a wonderful way to get your family excited about taking a trip to the Holy Land someday. Hope you find this resource of the Nazareth Village gets your kids excited about the story of Jesus.

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