Visiting Florida? Check Out The Holy Land Experience!

My husband and I had the wonderful privilege of visiting Florida a couple of years ago for some alone time. While there we went to a park called The Holy Land Experience. What fun! It is a living biblical museum that brings the stories of the Bible alive.

First as we passed through the gates, we wandered through the Jerusalem street marketplace. It was very colorful with lots of goods.  Next we visited the Shepherd’s field where there was the recreation of the angel telling about Jesus’ birth. This was a dramatic presentation that we really enjoyed.

Then we wandered over to the world’s largest indoor model of Jerusalem. A guide  explained the city’s landmarks and showed us Christ’s final days in Jerusalem. This was awesome. I was amazed at how long it must have taken to put this model together.

The Scriptorium was another delightful tour. We were able to see the history of how we got the Bible. We saw authentic and ancient artifacts from around the world with a lot of information to explain the journey.

There was also a prayer garden and a live presentation drama. The play was full of dancing and colorful costumes and was very worshipful.

These are only a few of the attractions. You won’t want to miss The Holy Land Experience next time you are in Florida. We look forward to our next trip taking the whole family.

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