Walking Like Jesus

A great idea for reminder for your kids to walk like Jesus each day is to make an art project to remind them!  This Glorious Day provides the perfect craft! It allows your kids to get their hands (and feet) dirty while still having a wonderful craft.

Walking with Jesus

Check out the website for the details!


All you need is

1. A black poster board

2. Gold paint

3. White Paint Makers

4. A frame

Have your child put their hands and feet into the paint and then step onto the board.  Finally have them draw on a heart in to center.  Depending on how old your child is they could write the words on the board themselves to make it even more personalized.

The important part about this craft that it is meaningful to your child.  It is something that they can look at each day and understand what each of those words and symbols mean.  To act out each of these qualities in the day is to model Jesus, which is the most important thing we can possibly do!

Thank you This Glorious Day for this fantastic idea!

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