Christian Wedding Planning- A Bible-based Viewpoint


Spring is here and love is in the air. Maybe you have a daughter or friend that is in the midst of this romantic season and is preparing for a wedding. We have found a wonderful wedding planner that will help these brides keep Christ the center of their special day and the days leading up to their special day.

Amy Hayes, the author of this planner is a pastor’s wife and has lots of experience planning weddings. Her book is called ‘All Things Are Ready’. It is a wedding planner from a distinctly Christian, Bible-based viewpoint.  Her focus is on keeping the cost within what a family can afford, how to plan a wedding with a short or long engagement and the celebration of two families coming together before God.

“This wedding planner walks the bride through all the preparations and keeps her focused on the important things, like staying in fellowship with her groom and her parents. It’s full of suggestions and ideas, with a strict time-line to keep the bride on task. I know I will recommend this helpful guide to all those planning weddings, and I think we’ll keep one in the church office for check out.

From the foreword by Nancy Wilson

With 16 chapters that are very practical as well as spiritual, you will have everything a Christian bride needs to plan this special day. Thank you Amy Hayes for your wonderful Christian wedding planner ‘All Things Are Ready’.

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