What the Bible says about money for kids ages 3-5 Part 3

Toddlers Saving

Psalm 40:1
I waited patiently for the LORD

In this installment of money talk I have a topic that is something that I really struggle with at times, PATIENCE!!!

For this blog the lesson to learn is all about  how to teach your children they can wait before they buy things. There are some great ideas about how to do this on the Money as you Grow website that I have talked about before. Here are some ideas:

1) Talk with you kids about other things that they have to wait for like opening presents on Christmas and how the waiting can make the event or the purchase even better!

2) Teach your kids about how they should save their money, so take some time and help them to create a “bank” where they can have compartments to save, spend, and share.

3) The last helpful hint is to have your child pick out an item that they really want and set up a jar so they can start saving for that specific object.

I realize as I right this that the concept of delayed gratification for toddlers is a foreign one but this is not something that we can start teaching them too early because it is something we are constantly asked to do in our Christian walk!

There is one more 3-5 age lesson about money coming your way so stay tuned!


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