Why Did Jesus Teach In Parables?


Why did Jesus choose to teach in parables?  Why didn’t He just plainly come out and say what He wanted to say so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding? 

The simplest answer is that parables (stories) tend to stick in our minds long after the 3 points of the message have faded away.  God wired us to love a story because it tends to bypass our minds and enter directly into our hearts.  And when we interacted with something emotionally, it tends to stick with us. 

Ask your children what bedtime stories that are (were) their favorites?  Why?  How did it make them feel when they hear (heard) those bedtime stories?  I am guessing that they can still remember the emotion of those stories whether it was concern for the princess and the treachery done to her or joy for the hero who rescues her. 

Another reason for parables was that they were taken from the plain experiences of the people.  Jesus spoke parables about farming and fishing and animals and birds and sickness.  Compared to the hard to understand teachings of the religious  leaders, the people could relate to Jesus’ parables and understand them. 

Aren’t you glad that Jesus taught in parables?

Feel free to share your own stories below in the comments section.

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