Teaching Children About Work Using The Bible and Children’s Literature

Mary Poppins

Teaching children about work is an important endeavor. Why not show them how a healthy attitude towards work is focused on the relationships you are serving with your task.

This is a topic that your children should really enjoy! One story is about how a women is working with the wrong attitude and missing out on the blessing of having Jesus in her home. The other story is about how a women makes work fun and all about relationship.

The story of Mary and Martha is a pretty famous one in the Bible. Found in Luke 10 this is a story of two sisters and how one sat and listened to Jesus while the other was going about her business upset with her sister who was focused on Jesus.  Jesus tells the worker sister in the story that she needs to come and listen to Him and enjoy the moment in relationship.  A great lesson for all the moms out there!

The classical literature story that I am recommending is Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers. This is a book about a women who comes into a house to serve a family that was out of fellowship with each other and in chaos.  Her job was to restore the relationships. The Mary Poppins character encourages us to do tasks with the focus of having fun in relationships.

God is not concerned about tasks in and of themselves, they are there to further relationships. Let us encourage our kids to take joy in their work as they focus on how that task will benefit others.

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