Teaching Children Diligence Using The Bible and Children’s Literature


Teaching children to be diligent and work hard in situations can be difficult. Here is two stories of characters that are alone in the world and being blessed because the their commitment to hard work.

The Bible story for today is about Ruth and it is of course found in the book of Ruth. This is a story about a women who followed what she felt God was telling her to do even if that meant leaving her whole family behind and going to live in a new land. She is a women who isn’t afraid of hard work and she is blessed for all her hard work by eventually meeting a man that she falls in love with.

The other book is a fictitious story but also has a girl of character. It is called Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmens and it is actually a few short stories that tell the tale of a little girl who lives at a boarding school. The character of Madeline always manages to make good of any situation. She faces many mishaps throughout the books and some how learns a lesson at the end of each.

Girls need to learn how to stand fast even in hard situations and these are both great stories to demonstrate that.

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