Yes Jesus Loves Me, A Free Christian Music Video

Now this is good new!! Yes, Jesus loves me! AMEN! Love this fun free Christian music video. Great for you and your kids to wake up to this summer. Play it and dance around the house with your kids praising God.

Yes, Jesus loves me! Do we ever get tired of hearing this? NO!!

From the Go Fish DVD “Let’s Sing”. The official DVD of the “Backstage With The Bible” Vacation Bible School curriculum from Go Fish. Available at!

Listen to what “Go Fish ” is about.

Between headlining MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) conventions and making a name for themselves with songs that explain why ladybugs should wear sunscreen and what would happen if kids ran church, Go Fish has followed up with more DVDs and a fistful of albums, including Superstar (2004), Snooze (2006), the Christmas release Snow (2006), Snazzy (2007) and Party Like A Preschooler (2008). “We’re just different. Our music is almost secondary,” says Jamie. “We take pride in our work and art, but our priority is sharing the Gospel and teaching the Bible to kids. Our success doesn’t depend on the next radio single. The only people that matter to us are parents, kids and children’s pastors. In fact, we hardly put money into advertising any other way—when parents, kids, and grandparents hear it, they spread the word.”

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